Take Your Business to the Next Level

I can do itAre you truly engaging customers with your Rehab practice? 

Seriously … are your programming and marketing strategies REALLY working? 

It’s difficult to connect, support and continue engagement with Rehab customers. In my consulting with Rehab practices, I’ve seen 3 solid tools that support customer engagement and take your business to the next level.

First, are you providing any bonus offers for your customers? Customers (and future customers) are interested in that value-add that provides more of a connection to your practice. Free educational sessions, free consultations or special events are great ideas.

Second, are you offering anything in the realm of Wellness programming with your practice? Retaining customers beyond their therapy duration is a great engagement tool with fitness classes, fitness punch cards and health coach programming.

Third, how are you connecting with customers through social media? Most of us are NOT doing a good job in this area. Dave Bush and I recently hosted a webinar with Scott Reed, who is an expert in the social media realm with Rehab practices. Scott had a number of solid ideas for us to implement.  Contact me directly for insight on Scott’s ideas and expertise.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive in Your Business

Reactive vs ProactiveMore and more Physical Therapy practice owners are frustrated and stuck in a reactive model of care. Many are lacking a strong competitive advantage and fear losing market share to the competition.

Does this resonate with you? (If not, you’re ahead of the curve. Keep going and growing.)

If yes, keep reading! I’ve got some ideas and strategies for you to consider.

I am partnering with PT owners to assist them in becoming more proactive and coaching them to leverage the changing climate of healthcare reimbursement. You may or may not know that in 2017 there will be some significant structural changes to reimbursement policies with MACRA and MIPS. Within these changes lies a significant opportunity for private practice PT’s to be proactive and to create a competitive advantage in their marketplace. In doing so they will also create more committed referral partnerships from physicians and patients and bring back the passion they once had for being in private practice and healthcare. 

If you’d like to learn more about the changing trends in healthcare reimbursement and how you can integrate a turn-key healthy lifestyle coaching program into your practice to capture more market share and enhance your unique value proposition in the marketplace, contact me for a free practice consultation.