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During our 2018 Lifestyle Medicine Summit in St. Louis, MO we brought together the most cutting edge lifestyle medicine experts to assist entrepreneurial minded healthcare professionals to grow their businesses to the next level of success with a focus on personal well-being and wellness based solutions. The event was designed for wellness minded health professionals who are looking to set challenging goals for the next year and who want to learn about the best practices and strategies to accelerate their business growth and to get their most pressing questions answered by nationally recognized business experts, authors, speakers, coaches and their peers who are currently succeeding in the marketplace with lifestyle medicine. 

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Free 52 pg. ebook from David Bush, a nationally recognized Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach 
Free “My Bigger Life Worksheet” to capture your personal life goals and plan
30 min. video interview with David Bush on Generating Extraordinary Results with Lifestyle Medicine
Wellness White Paper on Why Wellness is a Serious Economic Strategy by Mark Blankespoor, DPT
Access to Business of Health Coaching Webinar featuring Dan Bell, a wellness industry pioneer
30 min. video interview with Lynn Steffes, DPT, on The Emerging Market for Brain Health Programs
30 min. video interview with Staci Lyons, PT, on Integrating Practical Clinical Tools of Lifestyle Medicine30 min. video interview with Russ Certo, PT, on How to Offer Medically Oriented Fitness Programming30 min. video interview with Dr. Jamey Schrier on How to Gain Clarity in Life and Work (with handouts)


David Bush, Certified Health Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach

David BushDavid is one of the nation’s top leaders in the health and wellness coaching industry. He passionately leads the way for those who wish to succeed in life through improved health and wellness. David coaches an elite team of personal coaching clients, health professionals and Certified Health Coaches to achieve extraordinary health and he speaks to organizations and associations around the country. David motivated and challenged participants to achieve extraordinary results by becoming extraordinary leaders and shared his best tips, tactics and strategies to live The Extraordinary Life to help participants change their world and live their dreams!

Mark Blankespoor, DPT, Certified Health Coach and Business Consultant

IMark Blankespoorn the past 20 years Mark has worked as a physical therapist, owned a physical therapy business with 5 clinics in Central Iowa with a 25,000 sq. ft. fitness center and a 25,000 sq. ft. indoor sports complex. Mark has been a pioneer in the physical therapy industry by integrating personal health coaching programs and other wellness based programming into his practice and consulting hundreds of other health professionals to thrive at doing the same.  During his presentation he shared the specifics steps health professionals could take to thrive with health and lifestyle coaching programming.

Lynn Steffes, DPT, founder of BrainyEx

Lynn SteffesLynn has enabled countless Rehab providers across the country to achieve optimum success in the delivery of high quality and cost-effective care to their patients and clients. She is a pioneer in the emerging area of Lifestyle Medicine. Lynn provided perspective on brain health and wellness and how offering programming around Brain Health could open up multiple doors of opportunity and income streams.  

Staci Lyons, PT, Pioneer in Integrating Practical Clinical Tools of Lifestyle Medicine

Staci LyonsStaci has been a physical therapist for 20 years and currently owns a group of private practice outpatient orthopedic clinics in the state of Washington. She also serves as the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Services for a local public hospital. Her practices specialize in the management of traditional orthopedic injuries and dysfunction as well as the prevention and management of chronic diseases and lifestyle-related illnesses. During her session Staci shared the step by step process on how they offer lifestyle medicine in their practice and the practical clinical tools they use to measure outcomes.

Russ Certo, PT, OCS, Founder and President, Medically Oriented Gym

Russ CertoRuss is the founder and president of Medically Oriented Gym. Russ started the first M.O.G. (medically oriented gym) site in 2005 and began delivering evidenced based fitness programming to not only patients but also to healthy motivated members of the community and now he leads a nationwide movement with hundreds of providers offering MOG facilities. Russ shared how organizations could offer fitness based programs to increase patient referrals, practice revenue and enhance the quality of the day to day work environment.

Dr. Jamey Schrier, Author and Founder of The Practice Freedom Method

Jamey SchrierDr. Jamey Schrier, PT is a former multi-clinic practice owner and the founder of The Practice Freedom Method.  He teaches overwhelmed, underpaid and frustrated business owners how to attract, train and retain powerful team members allowing for personal financial success while significantly decreasing the need to be in the office. Jamey spent nine years and over 300K learning and researching his Practice Freedom methodology, and in 2013, Jamey proved it by being able to take 137 days off, growing his business to over 1.4 million in revenue while not treating a single patient. During his session, Jamey teached participants how to break free from 70 hour work weeks and endless day to day stress of business ownership and move towards a better, more fulfilling personal and professional balance.

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