Online Health Challenges

It’s no secret, getting healthy and staying healthy is “challenging.”

With billions of dollars in advertising budgets promoting unhealthy foods and drinks, technology energy saving devices decreasing the demand for physical activity and a social environment that doesn’t promote social well-being, quality sleep and stress management habits, it’s hard to make the necessary changes to improve our health.

We Make Healthy Habits Fun & Achieving Goals Simple!

Our Health Challenges makes getting healthier fun, simple to do and it brings healthy minded people together in a safe, online social environment to enable them to learn the steps to improve their health while receiving encouragement from others as they make progress in a fun online game.

Our challenges are fun, virtual health coaching programs empowering individuals, organizations and communities to learn how to practice┬áhealthier habits like nothing you’ve seen before! We educate challengers on the life-long habits needed to achieve their health goals and reward them with points, prizes and other fun incentives.