Physical Therapists as Health Coaches

Are you passionate about living a healthier, more successful and significant life while assisting your patients to create health in their life?

Watch this video to learn how licensed physical therapists are assisting their patients, friends and family members to achieve their goals with a physician led Health and Wellness Coaching Program and seeing significant transformations.

During this 30 min. video you will learn how you (or a member of your staff) can refer patients to a clinically proven optimal health coaching program and be compensated for your referral and support without extra paperwork, insurance billing, licensing or going back to school!

You’ll will also hear live testimonials from health professionals who’ve transformed their own personal health and life through coaching others and how they did it. Here’s some of the questions we will answer during this live event…

1. What are the reasons why busy health professionals are engaged in health coaching? 
2. How does the health coaching business model work?
3. How much time does it require?
4. How do you get paid?
5. What training is required and provided?
6. What skills are required?
7. Where is health coaching happening?
8. Who are the medical leaders involved in the program?

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