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Wellness Wednesdays

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
In this episode of our Wednesday Wellness Show we discussed our new 6-week Spring Health Challenge and how to create a wellness revolution in your community while getting healthier personally. In this episode of our Wednesday Wellness Show we disc...
Wednesday, April 05, 2017
In this episode of Wellness Wednesdays we discuss how we got our start into coaching health professionals to integrate health coaching and wellness based programs into their practice, why wellness programs are a benefit to the leaders in the pract...

Preventative health is a serious business!

With a business background in Physical Therapy and Fitness over the past several decades, I have observed that reactive medicine is not moving the health dial forward with our country. I have seen that preventative health programming is restoring health and function with individuals and communities.

I am passionate about helping my peers engage proactive programming that optimizes the health of their customers. And guess what?? Preventative health is a serious business that can drive a profit without being dependent on health insurance reimbursement!

We Make Healthy Habits Fun & Achieving Goals Simple!

Our Health Challenges makes getting healthier fun, simple to do and it brings healthy minded people together in a safe, online social environment to enable them to learn the steps to improve their health while receiving encouragement from others as they make progress in a fun online game.

  • My practice is thriving as we have worked with Mark to move into the Third Era of Health. Our staff, our patients and our community are restoring our lives through our focus of integrating wellness.
  • Rusty Wallman, MPT, ATC - Owner of OSR Physical Therapy
    Mark has been a great trainer and resource for our staff as we recently integrated a comprehensive occupational health program. His insight has assisted us with confidently transitioning into a whole new dimension with our practice.

Proactive PT Coaching for Your Business

Reactive medicine is not moving the health dial forward in our country, and preventative health programming IS restoring health. If you are serious about moving your practice forward, contact me today to find out how you can increase your profits.  Mark Blankespoor, DPT– YOUR Proactive PT Coach